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God Humbug was such an important fucking time.

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And we also have Nick and Alex in the back for other interview 

This is a rare and painful duo.

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Is baby I'm yours about Alexa?

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No it not :)

Omg this is the best example of an “is this about ____?” I’ve ever seen!

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Alex is getting so snobbish, it's killing me i miss the old him ):

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Nope. I don’t agree at all.

The simplicity of this answer is admirable.

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This blog.



This blog.

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hi i just wanna say your comment on the WPSIATWIN booklet was so fucking spot on like thank you for saying that omg bc so many ppl are stuck on that and it's so fucking ironic bc that whole album is abt going past that but anyways i could just never word it and you took the words out of my mouth and ughghghhg im just so happy that someone actually understands bc there's so many ppl that hate them bc they're not their old selves and yeah im ranting now but anyways thank you!!!! :-)

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Well, those people are idiots Leslie. Idiots who will let their own dumb interpretations of things prevent them from stepping outside their little boxes and taking in another, incredibly pleasant view. I have no time for people who like one thing and then want only that thing for the rest of their lives. It’s so unrealistic. I find those people to be boring. And also idiots.

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Matt and Alex from the Arctic Monkeys discuss whether things are under or overrated.


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That being said I want the Humbug hair back right now.

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Arctic Monkeys debut album “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” booklet. 

It’s a shame, like, that the theme and tone and…story of their first album became such a…obsession point? Because it’s so fucking beautiful and authentic and it should absolutely never be repeated but rather just celebrated for having been so wholly and so brilliantly what it was. But like with every great moment loads of people just wanted it to happen again and again and didn’t anyone realize the whole fucking point is it can’t? That the whole fucking point about a song like A Certain Romance about how you’re never going to leave the place you love is that you will? That you have to?